Computational resources

Online tools and data bases

The Ancient Human Genome Archive is a comprehensive repository and dedicated web-based server for next generation sequence data from publicly available ancient human genomes.

dbCLINE shows the results of the analysis of correlations between 21 environmental variables and Illumina 650Y SNP allele frequencies across 61 world-wide populations.

RECSLIDER is an application that calculates rho per bp for a user-specified window size given a set of polymorphic data

SLIDER is an application that calculates polymorphism data summary statistics over a sliding window.

MAXDIP is an application to estimate a reciprocal recombination (cross-over) rate parameter (rho) and a gene conversion rate parameter (f) from population variation data.

Software code

Bayenv implements a Bayesian method to detect unusual correlations between allele frequencies and important ecological variables while controlling for the effect of shared population history and gene flow in shaping the correlation of allele frequencies across populations.

BRIdGE implements a Bayesian approach for identifying gene-environment interactions when paired phenotypic measurements are taken under two environmental conditions. This method explicitly considers specific interaction models, while taking into account both sample pairing and the intra-individual correlation of measurements under the two conditions.